Ideas for Renovating your Living Room Quickly and Easily

by Grupo Grespania

With the arrival of autumn, we feel like being at home and enjoying all its comforts. Get a home fit for a magazine with Coverlam and renovate your living room quickly and easily, without demolition work or debris.

The change of season also tends to encourage us to undertake some other transformations in the home. If you've run a critical eye over your living room and want to give it a more modern touch, in this post we'll tell you how you can do it quickly thanks to Coverlam and its multiple uses.

How to Renovate a Living Room without Construction Work?

The The living room is one of the central areas of the house, where we gather with family and friends, relax and enjoy ourselves, and disconnect from the daily routine. Giving this room a fresh feel can bring about a significant change in the whole house. There's no need for a major renovation to achieve this result; you just need to apply a few tricks or make some slight modifications.


If you're one of those people who sees the living room as the epicentre of the house, a series of simple decorative tips can help you transform it and make it the heart of the home.

Renovate the Living Room with the Furniture

A very quick and simple way to give your living room a fresh feel is by changing the layout of the furniture. Your living room will look completely new with this instant trick.

Another option is to update the key textiles in the room, such as the upholstery, curtains or carpets. You can do this twice a year depending on the season; that way, it will seem like you're debuting a new living room every six months!


A Quick Change of the Living Room Floor

However, if you're looking for a more obvious change, replacing the living room floor represents a huge transformation in terms of visuals and design. Indeed, the floor is one of the most extensive surfaces in a room, so a revamp here will be instantly apparent. You can choose to change the decorative style or keep it the same but update its appearance. Whichever option you go for, the end result is a guaranteed new look and feel for your home. Now, how can you change the floor in the living room easily and without demolition work? We have the ideal solution: with Coverlam.


Benefits of Coverlam for Renovating a Living Room without Building Work

The Coverlam's large sizes can span up to 1200x3600 mm in length, which makes it possible to cover large surfaces with the minimum number of joints. In addition, its minimal thickness (3.5 mm or 5.6 mm) represents a genuine revolution in construction since it facilitates the installation of the tile on the ground or on top of the previous flooring material, thus considerably shortening the time needed for the renovation, and eliminating the need for major building work.


Apart from their dimensions, Coverlam products offer exceptional technical features. It is virtually non-porous, strong and durable, all of which makes it an exceptional material for all types of rooms, including the living room. Moreover, it is resistant to temperature changes, flame retardant and fire resistant, so it is an extremely valuable material for covering fireplaces and walls.

Renovating your Living-Dining Room

If you have a living room that opens into the dining room, you can take advantage of Coverlam to unify the two rooms visually through the application of the same flooring in both areas. This is a very attractive interior design solution: on the one hand, it gives a feeling of spaciousness and uniformity of design by joining the areas through the floor; on the other hand, using Coverlam to tile the surfaces of both areas cuts renovation times and even means you don't have to undertake a major reform and all it entails.


Give your living room the makeover you're looking for quickly and without the need for construction work, due to the extensive Coverlam catalogue. Check out all the possibilities and choose the style that best suits you.

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