Avant-garde Design And Large Formats Took Centre Stage In The Grespania Group's Exhibition At Cersaie

by Grupo Grespania

The ultimate in innovative design and the new large formats have made the Grespania Group's exhibition space an unmissable stop for the professionals attending this event.

Once again this year, the Grespania Group kept its annual date with Cersaie, presenting to professionals, the media and event attendees the new developments it has been working on throughout the year.

New formats, collections and designs captured the attention of visitors as well as all the specialist press covering the event. Grespania's continual innovation left its mark, with the group consolidating its position in the ceramic sector.

The New Large-Format Ceramic Tiles

One of the key innovations that attracted most attention during the trade fair was the presentation of new large formats. Exclusively available in certain collections in the Grespania catalogue, the launch of these products has been made possible by the investment in a new production line capable of creating new dimensions such as 120x120cm, 80x160cm and 26x160cm.

The Grespania Group's ongoing technological innovation along with its constant exploration of the technical and aesthetic needs of architects and construction professionals, have resulted in this great new proposal, which was well received by all the professionals who came to our stand at Cersaie.

New Collections at the Cutting-Edge of Design

The new additions to the wood, cement, stone and marble product lines on show at this trade fair round out the already extensive Grespania catalogue and represent one more step along the path of aesthetic and technological innovation. Drawing clear inspiration from nature, the new designs are in line with the sophisticated thinking that this brand exemplifies, and offer a wide range of solutions for architects and interior designers.


In the new 120x120cm format in gloss finish, the series Calacata Gold and Cuarzo Reno were the stars of the show. Warm, elegant, upscale designs; these series are this season's stand-outs in our line of white marbles.


In contrast, Marmorea Nero Ardi , with its total black design and golden ochre veining is one of the most sophisticated and distinguished additions to the catalogue.


A special mention goes to the new Artic series, which held the spotlight and drew much admiration throughout the week. The Artic series is the result of the fusion of "ceppo di gre" and Emperador marble. Available in the new format of 80x160cm, this marble-look collection gained the appreciation of interior design professionals due to its visual richness with nuances of colour, which make it a favourite of those seeking elegance and sophistication for their projects.

Another of Grespania's great new products was the Fusta series, a wood-look porcelain tile whose hyperrealism and 26x160cm format were much talked about by visitors. One of the most notable products in terms of design and aesthetic possibilities thanks to its decorative pieces and geometric combinations.


Arles and Basaltina were the new additions to Grespania's stone-look line. Restraint, elegance and neutral colour palettes are the key aesthetic features of these new series, along with their spectacular new large format of 120x120cm.


Coverlam And Coverlam Top Expand Their Catalogues

The Grespania Group's brands that specialize in ultra-thin large format porcelain presented several products covering different styles and trends. From timeless, natural designs such as Basaltina , Arles or Annapurna , to the more classic, characterful aesthetic of designs such as Cuarzo Reno , Coralina or Marquina .


The most daring collection launched under the Coverlam brand was Venezia , a series chosen by those looking for more groundbreaking, spontaneous designs with a generous dose of modernity. The interior design experts who visited our stand were enchanted by its "trencadís" design and elegant tones.


Another of the innovations that particularly attracted the attention of the architecture sector professionals was the new Artic series. With a design in line with the collection of the same name available under the Grespania brand, this collection was one of the sensations of this year's fair. Its imposing format, together with the aesthetic influence of the Emperador marble on which its design is based, confirmed Coverlam's pioneering position at this year's Cersaie when it comes to elegance and design.


Regarding our specialized line of Coverlam Top countertops , all eyes were on the Nero Ardi series. Interior design attendees seeking to design resistant, impressive, distinguished and elegant kitchens were particularly drawn to this new collection for their projects.


A Major Push For Concept Series

Grespania Group goes further in its collaboration with the world of specification by developing comprehensive collections covering a wide variety of formats, thicknesses and finishes. Thanks to the great capacity and innovation of the production lines of brands such as Grespania, Coverlam and Coverlam Top, it is possible to design and create concept series, which represent a step forward by multiplying the possible uses and applications of a single collection.

New series such as Basaltina, Arles, Artic, Esplendor, Moma and Nero Ardi, which have been designed for integrated use, are targeted at solving any construction issues while at the same time bringing together spaces under a unified design without any loss of the technical properties required for each type of application.

Grupo Grespania continues to strive to deliver the latest in technological innovation and design. We appreciate the interest in our new collections shown by all the professional attendees who visited our stands. See you there next year!

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