Large Formats and a Return to Traditional Ceramics: Major Trends this Season

by Grupo Grespania

Notable among the new trends for this year are the launch of the large formats 80x160 and 120x120 and the return to the traditional small format with the ICON 20x20 collection.

Following the last big trade fairs and various key events for the ceramic sector internationally, the Grespania Group has established itself as one of the most formidable firms in the tile industry in terms of both quality and design.

The Grespania Group faces the year with the launch of new products whose designs are underpinned by quality, originality and respect for the environment.

The resounding success of the new collections, the large turnout of professionals who visited the group's stands at the different trade fairs, and the third prize it received for best stand at the last Cevisama, all attest to the Grespania Group's consolidation as one of the leading global brands in the ceramic industry.

Large Format: the Trend of the Season

A trend that has undoubtedly redefined the ceramic sector and set new standards in the world of architecture and design in recent years is the large-format ceramic tile. Moreover, year after year, this trend shows signs that it is here to stay.

Always at the forefront in innovation and design, the Grespania Group expanded its facilities last year with a new production line exclusively for manufacturing the large-format ceramic tiles launched this season: 120×120, 80×160 and 26×160.

New collections such as Arles, Artic, Basaltina, Calacata Gold and Fusta have been added to Grespania's catalogue, underlining the brand's strong commitment to large-format format ceramic.

Modern designs in marble, stone, cement or wood are available in large-sized pieces, enabling interior design professionals to ensure aesthetic continuity between rooms and create a greater sense of space.


These additions to the Grespania range are complemented by the launch of new series of wall tiles. From Loire, with a clear natural inspiration, to Pátina, which stands out for its metallic aesthetic.


In a more traditional line, the launch of Marmórea Cuarzo Reno represents a new take on the marble whose original design gives rooms a modern feel.


Traditional Ceramics are Back with the New ICON Collection

One collection, seven series. Conceived specifically to be launched at the last Cevisama trade fair, ICON was designed through the lens of traditional ceramics. An aesthetic that reflects the wear and tear of materials over time, making them unique and matchless.


Analysis of the latest trends and market needs has culminated in the ICON collection. This reinterpretation of the most traditional ceramic tiles can adapt to any project seeking to create a contemporary, on-trend space.


This collection, available in 20x20 format and strikingly defined by its imperfect beauty and its simple, minimalist asymmetric geometries, has enchanted the architecture and interior design professions who were able to see first-hand its seven different series.


New Designs Added to the Coverlam Catalogue

Notable new additions to Coverlam's line of marble tiles have captured the attention of architects and interior designers. Cuarzo Reno, Artic and Venezia are becoming a favourite choice of interior design experts looking for products to use in their projects. The large size, minimal thickness and modern, up-to-date aesthetics have tipped the balance among those seeking marble-look porcelain for their designs.

Professionals who have seen for themselves the latest Coverlam products particularly value the elegance and exceptional design.

In a more natural line, Coverlam presents collections such as Annapurna, Arles and Basaltina. Series that are strong, simple, harmonious and clearly inspired by nature, ideal for all those professionals seeking to create integrated designs in their projects, from the façade to the indoor flooring.

Particularly notable in the specialized line for kitchen countertops , Coverlam Top, is Basaltina; this new product will catch the eye of interior designers for use in their new projects. This new series is positioned as the perfect choice to lend a fresh, natural touch to the most modern, contemporary kitchens.

Leading Brand in the World of Interior Design

During the second day of the 2020 Cevisama trade fair, the winners of the “Best Stand Interior Design Awards” were announced. This competition is held every year at Cevisama. This year, the Official Guild of Interior Designers of the Comunidad Valenciana (CDiCV) placed Grespania among the three best stands.

The effort, dedication and care that goes into preparing for the event each year are reflected in the conception and subsequent recognition of the award-winning stand.

The painstakingly exquisite interior design chosen by Grespania for its participation in Cevisama conveyed the most cutting-edge innovation in porcelain and ceramic tiles applied in real-life environments. The design as a whole and the originality in the staging of each different space was one of the premises that was most highly-rated by the awards jury. Moreover, the jury highlighted how difficult it was to choose given the high standard of competition entries this year.

El diseño en su conjunto y la originalidad en la puesta en escena de cada ambiente ha sido una de las premisas más valoradas por el jurado de estos premios, el cual ha destacado la especial dificultad de la elección dado el alto nivel de los participantes de este año.

Find all the new trends for this season on the Grespania Group's websites: and!

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