Trend Alert: 20MM Porcelain Tile For Exteriors

by Grupo Grespania

The new star of terraces and modern gardens is the 20mm porcelain tile, thanks to its high strength, versatility and ease of installation

Exceptionally natural, authentic exteriors are becoming one of the major trends of this season. In the coming months, these spaces in our homes will become more important, undergoing different redesigns and renovations to adapt them to our needs and turn them into places to enjoy and connect with nature.

Functional, Modern Gardens

The choice of a good outdoor material is critical, and it's one of the first decisions we have to make when renovating our terrace or garden. Not only should it guarantee maximum resistance but also absolute safety for those who are going to use it.


Key qualities such as high resistance to breaks, stains and inclement weather, as well as an optimal degree of slip resistance, tip the balance in favour of 20mm porcelain for outdoor use


The most recent, up-to-the-moment projects have incorporated 20mm-thick porcelain tile as a solution that guarantees all the required technical features relating to durability and safety, while at the same time offering great versatility thanks to the ease of installation and variety of designs available. An unbeatable choice that adapts to the needs of any modern garden or terrace design.

Natural, Versatile Designs

Ideal for paving exteriors and modern gardens, the 20mm porcelain tile is especially suitable for creating continuity between the interior of the home and outdoor terraces, as it is also available in standard thickness. This design will make your home seem more expansive, by visually extending the spaces.


This is where the great versatility of this material comes into play. With the different formats and removable installation—on grass, gravel or earth—we can take risks with the design and customize our terrace or garden, while complying with all the technical requirements of outdoor projects.


As well as helping with outdoor water drainage, it is suitable for use in raised access flooring. This is an ideal option as it means the underfloor space can be used to hide installations, thus preserving the aesthetics of the terrace.


From the warmth of wood to eminently natural stone or the most modern cement, 20mm porcelain tile is a ceramic solution that breathes life into the most modern gardens and terraces

One of the most sought-after materials for use in exteriors —due to the warmth it provides and the great sense of naturalness— is wood. This type of design, in combination with the intense green of the lawn in our gardens, creates comfortable spaces with a unique personality, directly connecting us with nature.


On the other hand, 20mm porcelain for outdoor use is the right choice for great strength and durability, with the tile remaining unchanged in the face of atmospheric agents and looking just as it did on the first day, features that natural wood cannot offer.

Wood-look porcelain faithfully recreates the aesthetics of the natural version in every detail, without a single tree being felled, making it a sustainable choice. It is also 100% recyclable, allowing us to enjoy the design of this material while respecting the environment

What’s more, the extraordinary technical qualities of this 20mm-thick porcelain come with the added value of naturalness. This is particularly reflected in the collections with a stone-based design, where the timeless, serene style combines with the overwhelming force of nature.


On the opposite end of the scale, for lovers of contemporary looks, 20mm porcelain tile can also be incorporated into terraces or gardens without having to give up on the idea of a more neutral, avant-garde design. The cement-effect finds its place in modern gardens and cutting-edge terraces, providing an aesthetic that adapts perfectly to both interiors and exteriors, ensuring a completely cohesive space.


Find the perfect collection to design your new terrace or garden among the wide variety of designs available in our 20mm catalogue.

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