Outdoor kitchens: ideas and advice to make the very most out of them

by Grupo Grespania

Installing outdoor kitchens in areas such as terraces allows us to make the very most of these outdoor spaces, providing them with an extra feature

The value given to terraces and outdoor areas has been reassessed over recent months, and their practical benefits can be seen in the recently launched summer season. Our need to connect with the outdoors and extend the functionalities of these spaces has led us to rethink how we capitalise on them. During this rethink, the incorporation of these so-called outdoor kitchens to these spaces means an increase in their practical value, which together with a well-groomed appearance and the selection of quality materials combine to create


During this rethink, the incorporation of these so-called outdoor kitchens to these spaces means an increase in their practical value, which together with a well-groomed appearance and the selection of quality materials combine to create a terrace that can be used all year round.

Design Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most important things when it comes to incorporating an outdoor kitchen to your terrace is to design it so that it is just as convenient and functional to cook outside than it is inside.

The design of outdoor kitchens puts the spotlight on functionality and resistant and long-lasting finishes such as Coverlam Top, a material that enjoys the added advantage of its good looks

The most common design, from a practical perspective, consists of an “L” or “U” shape, which allows you to make the most of the available space and will greatly facilitate carrying out tasks such as cooking, washing up or accessing storage space. In the case of the latter, base units are required, as well as a sink and cold storage, which we will avoid placing next to the hob.


Another of the key developments in outdoor kitchens is the addition of a breakfast bar into the design. These provide us with an area, which, thanks to the porcelain finish, is very adaptable and can serve as a large workspace or as a table to savour all your recipes in the open air.

The Best Material For Outdoor Kitchens

Once the design of our outdoor kitchen has been selected, we need to tackle the most crucial feature: the choice of materials. This is probably the most important step when constructing outdoor kitchens to ensure that all the quality guarantees are met.

It requires a very resilient material such as Coverlam Top, designed to withstand the outdoor climate in addition to catering to the specific requirements of a kitchen: a water-resistant antibacterial surface that is resistant to both wear-and-tear and scratches


One of the essential features of the chosen material is its ability to withstand the different atmospheric elements. The one that is best suited must be able to withstand extreme temperature changes, as well as heat and rain, elements that can potentially damage materials that are not up to scratch. In addition to possessing all the above-mentioned qualities, Coverlam Top porcelain countertops are both heat and scratch resistant, are easy to clean and are stain resistant too. This provides a truly hygienic and antibacterial surface that always looks as good as it did the very first day.


The Importance Of Good Equipment

Lastly, and to round off the design of our new outdoor kitchen, we have to think about the equipment. Stainless steel grills are customary in outdoor kitchens for their sustainability and their appearance, a current trend in modern designs. Also making a comeback are built-in barbeques, an element that lends itself perfectly to even the most contemporary designs, with a harmonious combination of both tradition and elegance.


Similarly, it is very practical to have a small fridge to avoid unnecessary trips to the indoor kitchen, saving time and streamlining cooking. Likewise, a sink in outdoor kitchens is also a must. It is strongly recommended that you use the same porcelain finish as the countertop so that a strikingly seamless integration is achieved, with the added bonus of its strength and sturdiness.


The easy handling of the slender Coverlam means that the sink can be fully integrated by using the same material to overlay all the outdoor kitchen’s furnishings, achieving unparalleled visual and aesthetic seamlessness

Lastly, we can conceal the fridge and the storage units by overlaying furnishings with the same material as the countertop, fully integrating the outdoor kitchen. This provides us with an exceptionally beautiful finish, accentuated by its seamlessness in addition to an extra layer of protection for our domestic appliances thanks to the water resistance and resilience of Coverlam porcelain.

More styles and designs are waiting to be discovered in the Coverlam Top catalogue , where you will find the perfect collection for your new outdoor kitchen.

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